Father’s Day On The Go Gift Pack


Premium dōTERRA Backpack, Deodorant infused with dōTERRA BALANCE® essential oil, dōTERRA Touch® Tea Tree 10mL Roll-on, dōTERRA Touch® Ice Blue® Athletic Blend 10mL & Father’s Day On The Go Uses Card

This pack can be purchased for only $154AUD with enrollment, ($119 wholesale price + $35 enrollment)  that is over $5 saved.  Enrollment kits include membership saving you even more. Click this link to Join and Save www.mydoterra.com/kyliejene


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Deodorant infused with doTERRA Balance® Essential Oil

Newly released this deodorant features the long lasting fragrance of doTERRA Balance® essential oil blend, with baking soda and arrowroot for use every day. The warm, woody aroma of doTERRA Balance® essential oil blend helps create a sense of calm and well-being for every day confidence.

doTERRA Touch® Tea Tree 10mL

doTERRA Touch®Tea Tree is frequently used on the skin for its soothing properties and can be used after shaving or on the bottoms of feet for a cooling effect. Dad will love doTERRA Touch® Tea Tree 10mL;

  • After shaving as it’s cleansing and clarifying to the skin and nails and promots a healthy looking complexion.
  • Roll on the bottoms of his feet and inside his shoes for a fresh aroma and a nostalgic reminder that he loved running around after you, trying to keep up

doTERRA Touch® Ice Blue® Athletic Blend 10mL 

Dad will love rubbing doTERRA Touch® Ice Blue® onto his hands, wrists, shoulders, and neck after exercising, lifting, or working long hours to experience its’ cooling and refreshing sensation.

  • As dad applies onto his feet and knees before and after exercise, he’ll remember all the times he looked after you when you were hurting.
  • When he rubs doTERRA Touch® Ice Blue® onto his lower back muscles after a day of heavy lifting, he’ll think of the times he held you securely in your arms, your safe place

Premium Backpack

This branded doTERRA Backpack is sturdy, lightweight and convenient to use. On the golf course, out walking, at the gym or attending classes or events, you will find this backpack your newest “must have” doTERRA accessory! Or Dad, if you give him the opportunity to use it!

* Limit of 2 per account

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