Starting a Business Core Values

Starting a Business Core Values

Now that you have decided to start a business the best place to start is setting yourself some goals.  Think about the amount of money you would like to make or the rank you would like to achieve, then set a time you think you can achieve that by.  I have a handy workbook to set goals, what is takes to achieve them so you hone in on what exactly you need to do to achieve them. Click here for the free workbook. 

Next I would like to get into the heart of your decision to ensure you get there.  Goals can set an expectation, and give you short term happiness when you achieve them. However focusing on your values along the way allows you to enjoy the whole process not just the result.

Doing things you don’t like just for survival won’t keep you there for very long. Doing things for status won’t last much longer, even freedom is superficial.  Freedom to do what -what will you do with your freedom this is your why.  (Just a tip it’s how you will help people and be a giver.)  Something you would get out of bed for even if you weren’t getting paid. This is your Purpose.

doterra Purpose Core Values (Personal WHY)

Once you find your passion, you put soul and passion into your business, things will be clearer, it will be easier to make decisions, set boundaries, and do hard things because you’ll know why you are doing them.  You will experience greater fulfillment when you live by your values.

So how do you figure out what these core values are?  For some people just sitting in a quiet place, with time to reflect, thinking of a time you experienced joy, and write things that come to mind.  For others looking at a blank piece of paper might make us draw-a-blank, so I suggest downloading a core values list. (There is a free download here)  Next, highlight some that are most important to you.  If you have more than 7-8, group them into categories, and see if one category is inclusive of others.  Narrow your list until is is 5-8.  Prioritize this list putting them in order,  most important first.  Define what each one means to you.

This may take some time to reflect on, so be sure to set a time in a month or so to review these, to see if you still see them the same way.

I have a free video training on this topic, and more in this series to follow, coming very soon.

Download this FREE workbook to help you find your core values. Click here for the free workbook.

I signed up Now what do I do?

I signed up Now what do I do?

So you’ve submitted your enrolment form and waiting for your oils to arrive.  So Now what do I do?  Sit back and wait? Or perhaps you got your kit already and you were so excited you opened it, and then thought…

Now what do I do?

This is exactly what I did.  I even tried to google what to do, before I got my oils, but I didn’t find any great answers or direction.  So I did what your probably doing waiting for my oils to arrive, thinking I’ll somehow know what to do, then.

This all lead to me wasting time and making rookie mistakes.   I now know exactly what can go wrong and how to avoid these mistakes, so I can definately help you get the best start with dōTERRA.


How to turn this into a business on a low/no budget.

And best of all, this will cost nothing but a little time.  

To make the most of your time, I have created this easy CHECKLIST, with goal setting space for dates. You can easily plan what YOU want with YOUR doterra business. YOU get to decide when you’ll have time to work on YOUR business, and I’ll keep it from getting overwhelming.  You don’t have to tick all the boxes on this list choose what you want, and set a date to get it done by.  Some of these things you may not have thought of, and others you already have circling in your head trying to keep track of it all.  That’s where it’s helpful to have a one page plan, where everything is laid out, and you can work through it one by one.

You can put it down  at any time and come back and see where you are at and what is going to be your next step.



You started this as a business because you know people will just love this, talk to them now.  The sooner you get them started the better for both of you.


Start planning your launch workshop TODAY! just plan for a few weeks away (the sooner the better, before the start of the next month would be ideal)

A good first workshop, should be educational, teach everyone about the oils, give them the opportunity to smell the top 10 oils, and take home a sample of Wild Orange! Hopefully your up-line will run one for you so you see how it’s done, before you have to do one on your own.

Not sure if you even want to have a workshop? you might say –  I don’t want to do this like a party plan, it’s not what I was hoping for? Let me just say this, Its an easy way to learn about the oils, and see if any of your friends and family are interested.  You never know who might be your best customer, your best advocate, or your newest sign up.

You don’t have to be pushy to get people to attend or to sign up, just let them know its happening and leave it at that.

Have at least one! Book four if you can, for different groups of friends.  If you have the same people attend, just do different types of workshops.  But you’ll need to know how to do one at least, best to test it on people that know and love you, than on total strangers right?  Best case scenario your up-line does one, you do three!


Read, Read, Read, If you’ve not been using Essential Oils up until now, get familiar with your product.  I was given this advice, but what should you read?  Here are links to product pages of the top 10 oils so you can print and read them.

  1. Frankincense.pdf
  2. Lavender.pdf
  3. Lemon.pdf
  4. Balance.pdf
  5. Peppermint.pdf
  6. Tea Tree.pdf
  7. DigestZen Digestive Blend.pdf
  8. Easy Air.pdf
  9. Eucalyptus.pdf
  10. On Guard.pdf


Get an email address –  Having a separate email from your personal one may be necessary for some social media platforms, and if you don’t want to use your personal one.  Where to go for email depends on your website plans.  In some cases you can get one with your domain hosting.  But there are heaps of free email services.  I recommend gmail for ease of use, and get your business  (insertyouroilybusinessname@gmail if your not going for a domain email like in fact you can use gmail for business addresses like this when you have a domain for your business but this is not a free services.

If you are planning on creating your own website, EDATSERVICES can provide hosting, or even build your site.


Get your FREE social media set up now.  You have a few days to get ahead of the game don’t wait until your oils arrive.  So use this time wisely to pick a name for your oily business – don’t just use your regular social media accounts, set up pages for your business account.  You can ask all your friends to join if you want, but then you won”t be hassling all those who don’t want to know about it.   Which ones i hear you ask?  My advice is stick with what you use yourself, or where you think your clients are hanging out.  Me, I have quite a list of Social Media Accounts, this is part of what I do in my other business as a Virtual Admin at EDATSERVICES so that’s a snap for me.  But which also means I can help you if you need.



Start a client list.  Get auto responses on sign up and. There are FREE email service like, MailChimp (for up to 2000 subscribers)  MailChimp can track your emails to see, whose opening, whose clicking your links etc.  Plus people can auto add themselves to the list and Unsubscribe with a link if they no longer which to receive your emails. Building your list is so important.  Social Media is great but you don’t own your audience.  With an email list you can target them and re-target them, and fine tune it to who is listening. This is a list of free services by comparison.

6. TAX – ABN or Hobby

If you a serious about running this as a business you will need a Tax plan. In Australia you can go here to find out what steps you should take. Registering for GST should also be a consideration.

7. New Bank Account

Once you have your ABN you can open a separate account to keep track of spending and earnings.  This will also help you keep track of budget, and success.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all this so use this free checklist take the time to map out what your going to do when.  You don’t have to have hours a day to spend, just trying to eek out and hour a day  here or there to start ticking things off the list.

Best of Luck on your Journey

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